Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Week of Elving, Day 2

Another activity that always claims a big ol' slice of our holiday time is deckin' the halls, and my personal favorite kind of decor is the homemade kind (especially the kind homemade by little hands).

My thoughtful, creative decorator elves never fail to rise to the occasion when it's finally time to decorate. Sister pulled out all the stops for the first day of fall, and now that her trees and signs have come down she's back at it, faithful assistant by her side, making our dining room windows (and every other window she can reach) look like a winter wonderland.

We've even spent some elving effort on little Christmas kangaroos to share (a nod to our family dinner theme this year- Australian Christmas)!

Who knew tissue paper, cotton balls, felt scraps and a little embroidery floss could be so much fun? Decorations are one of our most favorite elving activities!

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