Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This Year's Tree

The hubs and I went and picked out our tree today. We decided we'd go and scope them out before the kids got home from school juuuuuuust in case there wasn't a good fresh tree of the proper height to be found. Weeeeell, there was a perfect tree, hours off the truck and still in the middle of the parking lot in a pile of other trees... and we bought the first one we picked up.

When the Littles got home I had all the lights on the tree and the bin of treasured ornaments at the ready, and they jumped right in with gusto. Only a minimum of breaks were required to get the job done...

...and in no time we had ourselves what they've declared to be "The Best Tree Ever!"

I've been circling it as the sun has gone down, appreciating the new festive ambient light and the glimmer of all the ornaments we've loved since our first tree went up. At the top hangs an ornament I made when I was in kindergarten, towards the middle hangs ornaments that my own kindergartners made, and at the bottom are the clumps and clumps of ornaments lovingly loaded on to a precious few branches by those now first and third grade Littles while we all decorated the tree together.

The first few days with a Christmas tree in the house are always the best. Oh how we love this year's tree!

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