Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Week of Elving, Day 3

Another important part of our regular Elving activities is making sure we have something to share with all the teachers that do so much. It's hard to know what the right choice for a gift from a kiddo is, though: something edible (but something they'll actually eat)? Something sentimental (but something that could actually be used and not something that just adds to clutter)? Something trendy or fashionable (but something that doesn't break our budget)?

This year we doubled down- something edible and something useful (hopefully). First, the kiddos designed little heart-shaped wooden charms for their main teachers...

...and once the paint was dry, we drilled holes and added the hardware...

...and voila! We had ourselves some key chains that will hopefully be meaningful and useful to those lovely teachers that have won the hearts of my Littles.

To accompany them, we also made a batch of our favorite orange and pretzel bark (though we used fresh orange zest this time instead of candied orange peel)...

...and Audrey did all the zesting herself (and a most impressive job she did, too). Once everything was set, we broke up the bark, filled up the bags, and attached the key chains. The best part of this project? Seeing how excited my little students are to give these gifts to their teachers.

Truly, the best part.

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