Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...planning my fall garden! I'm so excited- I'm going to try growing collards and cabbages this season, first time evah! Plus elephant garlic and onions from seed... and, and, and...
...gearing up for a six-session landscaping course with my future front-yard water feature in mind. This I am also excited about, and my first class (of six) is tonight!
...feeding my bees like crazy. This is the first time Middle Hive has taken sugar syrup (if that's a good sign or a bad I'm not sure), and they're taking about a gallon of 1:1 syrup every 2-3 days. On Sunday morning, when I went to refill their feeders, I could see their tongues sticking out through the wire mesh in anticipation. It was really coooooooooooooool.
...smiling at the excitement of our Bubba this morning, who has earned not one but two pieces of bubble gum to be chewed at school today. He can't stop talking about it. Very exciting times I tell you.
...loving the chance we had this long weekend to go spend time with Nanny, and watch as my girl and her great-grandma bonded over their favorite instrument.

Right now we have a busy week ahead of us, including party prep and a birthday for a very special Daddy, outside work, and our usual errands (they never end!). Oh, and we finished the fire pit I started last Thursday, more on that later! But a pause in this space was at the top of my list this morning for a check-in and to wish everyone a happy September Monday Tuesday!

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