Saturday, September 16, 2017

Audrey's Procedure

Our girl Audrey is known for her creativity, intelligence, love of books, and toothy grin... and unfortunately as of late, she's also become known for her trouble hearing.

For over three years now we have struggled with her hearing- mainly that she goes through long stretches where she can't.

We've seen doctors. We've seen ENTs and specialists. We've had x-rays, blood work, allergy tests and panels. We've had every kind of hearing test done multiple times. We've completed round after round of every allergy medication and antibiotic. She's been through three ruptured eardrums, one of which was so severe it landed her in the ER.

Enough was enough. Seriously.

So yesterday, after even more testing, screenings, and antibiotics, Audrey had her adenoids taken out and tubes put in her ears.

It was a quick procedure (once we were checked in and she was properly medicated), and afterwards the surgeon told me when they went in for her adenoids they found them to be twice as big as her tonsils (they're supposed to be half as big as her tonsils at this age, apparently). She also told me they drained lots and lots of fluid from both ears before putting in the tubes.

Audrey told me (once she had her wits about her) that everything sounded so much louder and clearer, and her only complaint was her sore throat (five popsicles later and she was feeling fiiiiine).

24 hours later, Audrey is almost feeling back to normal, and we are all noticing the improvement in her hearing. She's been living in such a muffled world for so long; I can only imagine how refreshing it must feel to hear whispers again, or to not have to ask 'What?' when almost anything is said to you, or to be able to respond to the call to dinner not because you notice everyone else is running downstairs, but because you actually heard Mama say, "Come eat!"

Our big girl braved her first surgical procedure like a champ and is now even better than 'back to normal,' and we are so glad!

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