Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Before & After :: Back Patio Re-Do

We're hosting a patio party this weekend in honor of the hubs completing another trip around the sun, and under the magnifying glass of imminent company we came to notice that our back patio wasn't actually as finished as we'd thought.

We've already completed the flower bed at the top of the rock wall, and this past weekend we built a nice little fire pit...

...and we all remember that time we decided we should totally install pavers back there- in July- which is all fine and good. But the stuff that sits on the pavers, down below the wall (the stuff you see first when you look out the windows or step out the back door) was still hanging out in the worst of ways. Our 10+ year old upholstered patio furniture has been deteriorating before our eyes, and although it's all still structurally sound, the fabric on all the cushions had become no better than dust held together with a prayer.

There was still some re-doing to be done.

Thankfully my gal-pal Keri is a JoAnn Fabrics coupon voodoo priestess, and I was able to go get pretty much everything I needed to recover the cushions for both chairs, the couch, and the foot stools for less than the price of one set of cushion covers.

I'm finished with the chairs thus far, and I think I'll be able to get to the couch and foot stools tomorrow, leaving plenty of time to prep for the party itself (hopefully... we all know how I time-manage sometimes...)!

So far, I'm really digging this re-do project! In the better part of a single morning, I've finished four cushions by myself (if there's one thing I can sew, it's rectangles), and I just love how they've turned out. I'm by no means profesh, but I even got the corners to kinda round and the grain of the fabric to mostly all go in the same direction.

Yeah, I know!

So this weekend, when our friends arrive, there will be no shame in directing them out back with a little drinkie-poo for the evening (which was my ultimate goal... oh, and also for Kyle to have a happy birthday of course).

Bring on the patio guests!

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