Saturday, September 30, 2017

So Long, September...

"We know that in September,
We will wander through the warm winds of Summer's wreckage. 
We will welcome Summer's ghost."
~Henry Rollins

It doesn't seem possible, but not only is this year's only summer over, September has joined it. Our September this year seemed to be less of a destination and more of a middle ground. We transitioned- or so it seemed- this whole month. But maybe now that that's over, we'll awaken in October... fully aware and present... transformed from our gnarly, sunburned, heat-stressed selves into the golden grateful creatures October brings out in us all. 

Sometimes the bridge is taken for granted, just something to land your feet upon as you step from one side to another... and so September has been: the bridge between Summer and Real Fall. Thank you for getting us here, September... thank you.

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