Monday, July 11, 2016


Pavers are down, pavers are down! We are finished laying pavers, y'all!

Today is the three-year anniversary of our move-in/first night spent in our house here. We were reminiscing about the move over dinner last night, and everyone can agree- we are in a way better place today than we have been for any other houseiversary. What a difference three years makes!

I took a little walk down memory lane (this one too) and it felt so much more sweet than bitter this time around. The past three years here have been a whirlwind of precious moments mixed with incredible struggle and stress, but that light we were chasing at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly now, and we're finally lifting our faces to it and soaking it in!

And it's not just the big stuff lifted off our shoulders that's making us feel so good about Our Place- it's possible that by the end of this month we'll have almost everything crossed of our Phase One To-Do list.


That means all the "We need to..." stuff will be D-O-N-E done and we'll be on to the "I want to..." stuff, and we all agree that list is way more fun.

So today I'll be overseeing some work on a few unfinished projects inside and lining up a few more for this weekend... but for now I think I'll take my coffee and head out to my patio for a bit before everyone is up and at 'em.

Happy housiversary to us!

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