Thursday, August 25, 2016

Under the Trees

My little "orchard" got some focused attention yesterday. All my little trees, surviving though they are, were about to be swallowed by weeds and grasses that were growing unchecked around their failing stakes and ties.

A few of the little babies were completely untethered, bending and blowing in the wind thanks to my poor decision to use kite string to brace them when they were planted.

Something needed to be done.

I got to work weeding, mulching, and re-staking them all right after returning home from dropping my kiddos off at school.

It's funny- I've been asked several times about what I plan on doing with myself now that both kids are away for the majority of the day... honestly, not that much has changed now that the kids aren't around. The same things that need to be done are still waiting for me in the morning, kids here or not.

I would have been working out under the trees yesterday even if it wasn't a school day. The only thing that has really changed so far has been my new ability to really focus. Because I never had to stop while weeding to mediate an argument, or get cleaned up before the mulch was down because little bellies were hungry way before mine was crying for a brake, or redo anything because well-meaning helpers were coming behind me digging, untying, spilling, etc, I was able to be pretty efficient with this little job.

Silver lining, right?

All that being said, I still have to admit it would have been a more fun project with my helpers, and efficiency is kinda overrated.

Side note: while I was re-staking the trees, it was so quiet I actually heard a cricket chewing on a piece of grass in the yard beside me. So while the peace and stillness of the house to myself has some advantages, it might also drive me a little nuts if I let it.

I mean, c'mon. I heard a cricket chewing grass.

How much longer until school dismisses.....................?

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