Monday, August 29, 2016

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...wondering if it's going to rain... We've had to turn the sprinklers back on (especially around our baby fruit trees), but there are big fluffy clouds on the horizon and I can hear thunder... crossing fingers!
...hoping against hope that the weak hive of feral bees I extracted from underneath a garden shed this weekend will make it! There were three queen cells in the comb, but almost no pollen or nectar and only about a golf ball-sized spot of brood. They're in good hands now, though, so they have a chance!
...looking forward to turning some of my new Tea Sparrow fruit teas into iced tea this week. Happy birthday to me (thanks Katy)!
...realizing I'm apparently going to end all my sentences in this post with exclamation points.


...smiling at the little trappings and piles left behind in the quiet after the flurry of get-up-get-breakfast-get-to-school.
...loving the Jungle Chickens that are my red ladies, treated to a visit in the overgrown area that was at one time our garden. They plunged in like kids in a ball pit, all at once lost and stuck up to their necks, but loving it.

Right now I'm trying to wrap my head around the second week of school, the last few days of August, and the fact that September starts on Thursday. Time to go make the most of it (or something a little less cliche).

Happy Monday!

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