Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Before and After :: Master Bath

Every part of our house has been a work in progress since the day we laid claim on it. There has been no part that hasn't needed renovation, repair, or in the very least a deep, deep cleaning. Some parts of our house had top priority and were finished before we even moved in (hello professional kitchen cleaning, top-to-bottom painting, and new carpeting). Other parts have had to wait their turn and are only now nearing the finish line.

Our master bath has been in the latter category. We are finally- three years later- finishing it... but it's been worth the wait. My 'before' photos come from my very first house viewing, when I was laying eyes on the mess that was this place for the first time (so do excuse the rawness of them, I'm pretty sure they were all taken with a crappy cell phone camera). Lemme tell ya I had stars in my eyes, though, because I could see right through the grossness to the potential, and it was good.


Never mind the in-between of taking down the curtains, painting the walls, tearing out the tub, taking up the floors, tearing down the shower, re-plumbing everything, and putting it all back together. Let's cut to the chase...


We  did about 85% of the work ourselves, and took these past three years to hunt and haggle for everything we put into it. I love my tub (we got it at a crazy bargain because it was a clearance floor model), and I super-love my authentic hand-made Moroccan light (find them here). Well worth the wait, I'm tellin' ya.

Now with the bathroom finished we don't have much left on our "Phase One" to-do list, and as the weather cools this fall we'll be able to start on some of the fun projects that have been patiently waiting for our attention (hello pond and wood shed!).

I sure am glad we both find gratification in this kind of work, because with this house, there's been a lot of it!

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