Monday, August 1, 2016


Our weekend saw...

...a hazy Friday evening with mimosas and a late dinner, babies in bed even later, and a fox sighting out in the driveway.
...yard work on Saturday morning that stretched waaaay too late into the heat of the day, some tractor problems, and the weeding of all the front flower beds. egg from the chickens, total. One. I guess they are not impressed by these high summer heat indices.
...cartoons mid-day to escape the heat, and Mediterranean take-out for dinner.
...a movie night for Mama and Daddy (The Martian- two thumbs up!) and good conversation way past bedtime.
...Sunday morning waffles headed up by our little man, who declared he plans on getting so good at making them he'll be able to open up a waffle shop when he grows up (I believe he could).

Our weekend saw...

...the substantial completion of the master bathroom! (show & tell to come soon)
...a scrappy dinner from the freezer and pantry marking over 2 weeks without a grocery store trip.
...a spontaneous outing to get frozen treats after said scrappy dinner.
...a rogue cricket somewhere in the laundry room which eeeeked and chirped all. night. long.

We had one of those lovely weekends that happen when all the things you need to do are flexible, there's no pressure to be anywhere, and everyone was in a good mood (for most of the time). We were able to linger over our coffees, be goofy with the kiddos, and still get some things done. It was a good, slow weekend... which is just what we needed as a prelude into this promising-to-be-crazy August.

Hope everyone had a good one!

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