Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It All Flies By

It's still hot and humid, and there are still the hints and rumblings of summer thunderstorms on the horizon almost every evening, but I'll be damned if August isn't over already. Just like that, another month of these Good Old Days filed away. What a summer! A summer of letting go, a summer of new beginnings, a summer of Firsts and Lasts and a summer that seemed to drag through those 100-degree days (but truly in the end flew by... just like they always do).

Sometimes I look up and have the weirdest sense that I'm already living in the past- like I'm already looking back on these days as a memory. It's the most bittersweet feeling I've ever had... and it really helps me keep perspective when I'm struggling and wishing for a hard day to just friggin' end. They will. They'll pass. They'll all move on. The hard stuff will pass, the struggles will pass, the time will pass. But the good stuff will pass too... so note to self: don't be so quick to wish it all away just yet. Even the hard stuff has some good stuff in there.

And it all flies by. It really does.

So long, August!

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