Sunday, September 27, 2015

VIP Fall Cleaning

This weekend, despite it still feeling like summer's grip is around us, we tackled the chore of cleaning up and airing out the playhouse. It was neglected practically all summer long because air conditioning in a playhouse seems a little over the top to me, so it was just too hot for them to get out there much.

Plus there were tons of brown recluse spiders as big as quarters who had set up residence in the neglected kid piles. It was a chore Mama needed to help with, for sure.

I wish I'd shot a 'before' photo because oh my, you should've seen it. But after three buckets full of play dishes, all with mud and pebbles and dehydrated, rotted plants baked onto them, and one huge and just as dirty load of doll bedding, pillows, towels, and rugs, we got it spic-and-span.

They even got a new 'Welcome' mat, bumped off the front porch of the real house by a spiffy new replacement. Good thing my Littles love hand-me-downs!

It seems all the occupants of this little house needed was for it to get a fresh fall cleaning! Their love for being out there has been rekindled, and they've been out there ever since we placed the fresh clean rugs and such back in their places...

...after all, VIP stands for Very Important Playhouse, right?

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