Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Not Fall Garden

Oh, my poor dried up picked-over garden space. There has been no human activity within it's fences since the end of July. Lots of chicken activity, though...

We had to come to the realization this summer that we built our garden over a misunderstood property line, and that at some point before the end of the year it must be relocated. Part of letting go of the space- for me- was letting it go to crispy oblivion... and letting the chickens pick it apart.

I've stopped weeding.

I've stopped watering.

I haven't planted anything new since the spring.

Soon I'll have to be out there digging up the surviving perennials and transplanting them somewhere so the fence can be disassembled and the stones and soil moved to a new location. Soon, but not quite yet.

So for the immediate future the remnants of this once special space are up for grabs for the Red Ladies, and I'm sitting at the drawing board, trying to make my brain start from scratch... somewhere else... which is all at once quite overwhelming and a bit exciting. So much work to redo, but so much potential!


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