Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Got Hives.

My beehive components came today, y'all! Those poor UPS guys had to make five trips up our long, winding front walk to carry up the bulky boxes, and because I wasn't expecting my hives so soon I was completely mystified by the growing pile of boxes on my front stoop! But then I saw this:

...and broke in to my happy dance, right there on the front porch, door wide open, UPS guys still in the driveway. I don't care yo, my beehives came today!

I ordered pre-assembled deeps with IPM bottom boards and black foundation for my brood boxes, and assemble-them-yourself-style medium supers with basic whitish foundation (two supers for each hive... I hope that'll be enough for me in the beginning). I also got two top feeders and plan on building two screened inner covers for the summer, but yeah, beehives! Here! In my living room!

Also in my living room: an insane amount of packing material and four big empty boxes. That'll be fun for the kids... and Rory, apparently...

Something for everyone!

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