Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...listening to Henry play with action figures, giving them voices and conversing with them. It's adorable.
...crossing my fingers that all goes well this morning and we can have a crew in our yard this afternoon to begin drilling a new water well! Yes!
...hoping the weather will hold this week so there will be no more hangups with the drilling.
...feeling giddy about bees- I just ordered all my hive components, and next month I'll place my order for my buzzy girls!
...loving that my feathered girls are starting to ramp up their laying again- a few of them had a hard molt, we had a touch of fowl pox thanks to the mosquitoes, and most of them were a little overwhelmed by the summer heat, but now 7/10 of them are laying again. So glad!

Right now I find my days more and more consumed with the bustle of late summer/early fall, and at the end of these days I usually realize I didn't snap one photo to share in this space! So if I fall silent again as September wears on, just know I'm out there running around with chickens and children and heavy machinery, and I'll come back soon!

Happy Tuesday!

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