Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thinking of the Year

It's hard to avoid the sentimental, retrospective mood that always finds me on the last day of the year. I usually find myself looking around at people and details in my life as the year draws to a close, and on this day especially it almost feels like I'm living in time that has already passed, it seems to be flying by so quickly.

There are always distractions in daily life that keep this mood from swallowing me up, but on days like today I indulge and try extra hard to absorb what has been, what is, and what we hope will be.

I find myself ending the year with a sweet sorrow and a deep gratitude in my heart for all that 2014 held for us, and all that has passed... and of course, I'm also looking forward to what comes next. 

Wishing all a happy New Year.

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