Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Playhouse Reveal

Our holiday gift to the kiddos this year was their own little place in our world- a playhouse/gingerbread house/gnome home (we still can't decide what to call it). We built it with our own hands (and help from our dads) and some piecemeal scraps and lumberyard supplements, and kinda made up and tweaked the design as we went along.

We initially looked up playhouse kits and priced pre-mades, thinking we'd find something out there that would work, but ultimately we decided we could probably make something better- and a little cheaper- and ya know what? We did, coming in at less than half the price of the lowest-end wooden 'fort' (score!).

I'm kinda proud of us, and I'm kinda in love with the final product!

So are the Littles.

Since we head out to our families' places for the official holiday days, we revealed the house to the kids the morning of Christmas Eve. Up until then it had been not-so-subtly cloaked in old bed sheets and tarps, visible from every rear window in the house. Thankfully our sweet babies were obedient and simply stayed away from it as they were asked while it was in progress and still a secret (I know, right?).

After breakfast Christmas Eve, I slipped out and pulled down the tarps, and then Daddy lead them out to finally see it.

They were a little timid at first, because we had spent so much time telling them to stay away from it (d'oh!) but once they figured out it was all theirs, they took it over.

I remember fondly all the playhouses I had when I was a kid, and hope they spend as many happy hours in theirs as my bro and I did in ours... or more!


  1. Oh that's a gorgeous playhouse - I love the twinkle lights around the bed! i bet they're going to make so many happy memories in that little house

    1. Thank you! I hope you're right!

      Thanks for stopping by!