Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Little Tour

I would say we're about 95% decorated for Christmas around these parts. I still have to figure out what I want in the middle of my dining table, and there's a mantle that's needing dressin' after a painting is hung up and out of the way... and I'm sure we'll have a few pieces of kid-project somethings that will find their way around the house. But aside from all that, I'm calling it done and thought you might want to let me show you around? Or maybe you'll just have a look-see to humor me, because darn it if this year hasn't taken the longest to date to get it all up, and I want some ooos and aaahs, people!


So come take a peek at what Christmas is shaping up to look like at our place, won't you? (say yes)

First stop: our Christmas tree, standing just inside the entry/formal living. We got a fresh six-footer from Home Depot (always live for us) and this year concealed it's stand in a whisky barrel. We had to rig a platform within the barrel to raise the tree up enough for the branches to clear the edges, but I really like the extra height it gained. I think the hidden platform will remain, even if next years' tree has a longer trunk nub than Stubby here.

We also have a train to skirt the tree this year, thanks to Nanny, and now that there is finally a tree for it to circle, the kids are pretty much 'round the tree every waking moment.

On the shelf behind the tree is a Santa my maternal grandfather carved, kinda as a little tribute to him.

Walking past the stairs, you'll see our garland (still going strong after 7 years) leading up to the kids' rooms where their little metallic trees stand out amid the piles on their floors, drooping with oversized ornaments and other things that have been stuck on (and to) their branches (you'll have to use your imaginations because I did not photo those).

Next stop: our informal family/dining room. Like I said, the dining table has yet to move to the 'finished' column, so we'll just pass right by it. What is finished is the mantle holding our stockings, decked out with reindeer cut from old Christmas cards and clipped to some cotton yarn. We changed out a few pillows, too, and tossed our plaid blanket over where our upholstery is extra... loved... and bam, family room done (thanks for modeling it, Rory).

In the other corner of the family room is our basket of favorite Christmas books, and the nimbly-bimbly Santa my mom made which gets tossed until he sticks somewhere, and there he remains.

There is one little nook ready to show off in the dining area before we move on- remember that framed picture (that's right, the super-glarey one you can see me in)? It is making it's first debut over our little cabinet holding our La Befana that my mom made when we did our Italian-themed Christmas dinner.

Peeking in to the kitchen, you'll see our beloved and sparkly Solstice sun mobile (remember when we made it?), made with salt dough, watercolors, and glitter glue.

Also in the kitchen: a new (to us) and growing collection of vintage mugs. I refuse to own the feminine, winking, totally creepy Santa mugs so easy to find in the thrift stores come May and June, so I've been slowly gathering the more benign and peaceful-looking mugs like these to make up our collection. I need one more, and I think I'm going to try to search for either a second snowman or something completely different like a reindeer. It's been kinda fun hunting them all down.

Lastly, on your way out stop by our little dry bar and help yourself to a Christmas bev, fancied up by the color-changing lights I had to wrestle away from the kids to tuck into the garland along the back splash (totally worth it).

So those are our decked halls, thanks for stopping by!

Now, about that Christmas cocktail..........

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