Monday, December 29, 2014

Right Now :: A Happy Holiday

Our holiday has come and gone. There was much that went according to plan, and much that didn't. There were surprises, both exciting (like when the kiddos got to pass out their own handmades to their family) and a little upsetting (like when a 'Santa gift' was broken in the box), and I believe everyone ate too much and slept too little (just like you're supposed to do, right?).

As usual, there was a lot of work behind what was pulled off this week, and because of the efforts of the dedicated among us, our days of festivities were sparkly, full, and bright. With gratitude we enter in to the last few days of December, and though the celebrations are behind us we will still find things to celebrate in their afterglow.

Happy very last Monday of 2014!

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  1. It looks wonderful - a joyful family celebrating! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year