Monday, December 22, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...revisiting mornings past, the way they used to be; a dark, quiet house, both babes sleeping, and a little pre-dawn me time for preparing for the day.
...trying to pep-talk myself into wanting to go to the grocery store the Monday before Christmas.
...working out a rhythm for the remaining days before we do our holiday traveling that will enable the resolution of the to-do list and a little kid-focused fun.
...looking forward to the reveal of the finally-completed playhouse/gnome home/gingerbread house, which may end up being Christmas Eve (because we're too darned excited about it to wait until after we're home from the holiday visiting).
...loving the anticipation that can only come from Littles this time of year.

Right now we're probably doing what everyone else is doing- making, tidying, editing, scurrying, and prepping. Also, feeling like time is flying? Yeah, a little of that too. So today, as we move right along into Christmas week, may we all slow down just a tad (once in a while, at least), look around, breathe, and savor.

Merry Monday!

(If I don't make it back into this space before the holidays are upon us, I'll be wishing all good will and love, and a merry and bright one!)

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