Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sneaky Making

We are in the middle of sneaky making over here. Tasty things, fuzzy things, colorful things... It's one of my most favorite parts of this time of year. However, it does make it hard for me to visit this space and share what's going on, because the goal of this process is making surprises! Granted, most recipients probably already know we're making things over here, but at least what is being made will be a surprise... hopefully!

They say we're in for a gray, drizzly, and maybe even rainy day, which for me is the perfect weather to sit down with a project and work. Maybe with a fire in the fireplace, maybe with a third (!) cup of coffee. Yes.

So that's where you'll find us today, probably tomorrow, and maybe through the weekend... but we'll get it all done!

(It's a lot of work being a holiday elf!)

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