Thursday, June 19, 2014


My mom has launched full force into her summer break with a new toy- a potter's wheel that she's learning how to use for the classes she'll be teaching in the fall. She's an artist of many mediums, and this learning process isn't exactly from square one for her, but like all fairly new materials she wants to spend some time with the clay and get to know it, so that's what she plans on doing with her summer.

My Aunt Karen is an amazing potter with a gallery worth of pieces to show for it, and a heart for sharing what she knows. This week she came and threw down with my mom in her studio and got her all inspired and stuff.

Today, it was our turn to try out the wheel.

Clockwise from left: mine, Audrey's, Henry's

I have an entirely new respect for potters and their craft. People, this is way harder than it looks. I couldn't even center the ball of clay on the wheel the right way, and it took me three (or was it four?) tries before I called my bowl-pot-thing finished. The fact that my Aunt can pull from these sticky masses the symmetrical, thin-walled pots and bowls and vases she probably makes with her eyes closed and one hand behind her back at this point is just... wow.

I treasure every pieces she's gifted us, but I'll see them all with newly opened eyes after this afternoon. They are works of art, and wow will my coffee feel even more special in the morning, steaming in one of the mugs she made!

Now what will I do with that little bowl I made?

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  1. How lucky Audrey and Henry are to get to experience that at such an early age. Tks Jan and Karen.