Monday, June 23, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...hearing thunder! We were teased with a brief misty shower yesterday while it rained and rained in the towns all around us. Now, looking at the radar, it appears we may get the chance to catch up.
...also hearing the washing machine- again- as I have had to do a load of Henry's sheets every single morning, plus a load after nap times (usually), because for some reason we're slipping backwards in this potty training thing right now.
...still enjoying raw milk in my coffee.
...thinking we may have collected enough wild blackberries to go for a batch of jelly today!
...high-fiving myself for signing the kids up for indoor swimming lessons. They would be so bummed if their first class this morning was cancelled due to this weather.
...prepping for a visit from our dearest Aunt KK, fresh home from a trip to South America and in need of a margarita, I'm sure!
...loving the way the kids snuggle with stuffed animals in the dimness of a stormy morning, waiting for it to be breakfast time and for Sissy's sun to turn yellow.

Right now I'm gearing up for a week of juggling... places to go, errands to run, people to see, garden chores, visitors, house work stuff... you know, the usual stuff that makes the world at home keep spinning.

Keep spinning, y'all. Happy Monday!

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