Monday, June 16, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...practically glowing over the love that poured from my Littles in appreciation of their Daddy on Father's Day.
...feeling proud of myself for finally making this shirt I pinned ages ago on Pinterest as my contribution to the rest and relaxation craved by- dare I say- every Daddy on Father's Day.
...thinking it may be time to stop hiding from the heat and get out to the garden to finish the weeding, bug management, and crop rotation I started earlier this week. Ugh. for some neem oil- my beautiful, strong, productive zucchini are slowly falling to an infestation of squash bugs, and there is only so much that hand picking and soapy water can do.
...still laughing at this cat video. I think I've watched it at least five times. It gets me every time.
...enjoying the plotting and planning of the little shindig we'll have here at home for the four of us to celebrate the Summer Solstice this coming weekend!
...taking a quick peek back at last year around this same time, and feeling a wash of relief that things are so different now.
...loving the manageable to-do lists, the sunshine, and the wide openness of the week ahead of us.

Wishing all a happy Monday!

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