Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Little Fish

My kiddos have been taking swimming classes this week. It's their first time ever taking real swimming lessons. They've always loved the water, and they jump right in when they're visiting Grammy, Nanny, or Mimmy and Pappy, but they can't properly float, swim under water, or do real strokes and maneuvers. So this summer they got a "swimming scholarship" from Grammy and Gramps, and every morning this week we've headed to the Natatorium.

Audrey has taken right to every lesson so far, but Henry's needed some convincing to get in the water. It is a little overwhelming, though, with all the splashing and yelling and kids and lifeguards and oy... and each lesson takes just a little less to get Hen out with the rest of the kids, so maybe by the end of the week he'll be right at home!

One thing's for sure though- they both are having a blast by the end of the class, and we leave each day with the happy anticipation of coming back again the next morning. That's no surprise though, because we always knew they were little fish.

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