Thursday, May 8, 2014

Through the Lens(es) of these Children

It might have been noted in previous posts that Henry had a little creative influence in the photo cache the last time I went through Audrey's camera. He's also pirated my phone's camera a few times. It wasn't hard to see that he needed his own means of capturing his own moments, in his own time. So when his birthday rolled around, voila - his very own camera.

Fast forward a month, and it's already time to make more room on his device... he's done filled it up! So, what has he been up to lately? Well...

Not to be outdone, of course, Sister had to have her photos dumped too...

It seems like Audrey has transitioned to videos these days, as most of her camera space was taken up by 5-10 second shots of the floor with ambient background conversations. And just like Sister when she first got her camera, most of Bubba's photos were of the same thing multiple, multiple times, or so out of focus all that could be seen was fuzziness.

No matter how odd, indecipherable, or blurry the stuff is that comes off their devices, however, it's always viewed with eagerness by those of us who can't help but be enthralled by these little glimpses into their worlds... and little glimpses will probably be what I seek as a parent forever more. How lucky I am that at this stage, they can so easily be acquired!

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