Monday, January 6, 2014

Right Now


Right now, I'm...

...feeling irritated with the squirrels in the yard who suddenly think the bird feeder outside the kitchen window is for them, and who have scared off all but the most bold of the birds.
...finding that my daydreaming is spreading from new garden spaces to outdoor entertaining spaces... which lead to the picnic table being moved to a new spot... which lead to said new picnic table spot causing 'install pavers' and 'build pergola' to be added to the to-do list.
...pinning and re-visiting pins on my 'Gardening' board on Pinterest while doing the above-mentioned dreaming (also, take a look at these, speaking of dreamy outdoor spaces).
...noticing a pattern in the weather of late: we seem to get a nice warm few days between the drops down into freezing and beyond. The warm-up we got this weekend was much appreciated, though this morning the wind chills are back in the teens.
...enjoying the upside of cold mornings: hot drinks, lots of snuggles, a fire in the fireplace, another chance to wear layers that include wool and flannel, and baking for the sake of the heat of the oven.
...loving that Downton Abbey started up again!

This week will see much of the same old rigmarole for us, but how sweet and comforting it all can be.

Happy Monday!

Oh, and please to enjoy what's made me chuckle a bit this morning- apparently a kiddo (wonder who...) got 'hold of the camera on my phone and went a little snap-happy (and a lot of them were good!)...

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