Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ravenous Hummers

We have a humming bird feeder.

It hangs right outside my kitchen window.

It has provided some pretty amazing bird watching, and we've noticed that the dominant hummer around these parts is actually the black-chinned hummingbird, as opposed to the ruby-throated humming birds that were all over at our last place. Neat.


...I am seriously making two cups of humming bird nectar every 24 hours. Those ravenous hummers!

I swear they will all gather on the perches around the feeder when it's empty and take turns staring me down through the kitchen window until I work up a batch and make my way out there to give them a refill.

It's the cutest creepy humming bird thing ever.

I haven't grown entirely tired of the hassle- yet- but I'll call it what it is: it is a hassle.

It's been worth it, though... so far.

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