Monday, May 19, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...realizing I didn't take many photos this weekend, as my camera was left inside while we were all outside, slashing and burning that terribly invasive privet.
...looking out the windows at the mighty area newly cleared in our woods, and trying not to notice how much more privet there still is out there.
...not having coffee. Our grocery situation is dire over here, people. Must. Get. To. Store.
...listening for the sound of rousing kiddos, and hoping they're happy sounds... they both had low-grade fevers in the middle of the night last night for some reason. *sigh*
...smiling at a quick glance back at about this time last year, and feeling so grateful for the changes we've made since then.
...hoping I can get a good chunk of housework done today.
...anticipating some time in the garden with my harvesting clippers and garden basket bag, and of course a chicken or two at my heels.
...thinking there's a pretty slim chance at this point that any of the chickies are going to turn out to be roosters. Looks like we're probably going to have to trade for one.
...loving the chance to ponder chicken business at all. What a beautiful distance we've come in a year.

Right now- despite missing out on my beloved morning coffee- I'm feeling excited about getting this week started and optimistic about the stuff we'll accomplish. For me, that's a best case scenario for kicking off a week (well, almost-best-case-scenario... best would be with a hot cup of joe in my hand).

Hmmm... do I have a caffeine dependency?

Meh. I'll worry about that another day.

Happy Monday!

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