Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Weekend :: Right Now

Our weekend saw...

...gymnastics cancelled, Mama and Daddy sleeping in until almost 8am, happy kiddos at breakfast, and a long ride in the trailer behind the lawnmower.
...a visit from Grammy and Gramps.
...the burning of the latest- giant- brush pile (in small batches), two meals cooked over the coals, lots of sunblock, s'mores, and cold margaritas.
...time spent indoors in the cool of the air conditioning, the first major garden wilt from temps reaching over 90, and multiple batches of iced tea.
...happy, happy kiddos almost all weekend long.

Right now, I'm looking back on our weekend and focusing on all that made it good. This is what I choose to bring with me into the start of the new week, this is what I want lingering into these kickoff days as the business we resume starts tying my stomach back into knots. Being an adult isn't always fun and games, right? But at least there are moments that give all the un-fun stuff a little perspective.

So as we all go back at it today, may we keep with us a little perspective.

Happy Monday.

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