Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tractor Party

Our Tractor Party Day has come and gone. I think it'll go down in Henry's book as the most perfect day ever. At least that's what he's called it (in so many words). He's asked when it would be here every morning since mid-March, and this morning all his wiggly body parts were going in different directions all at once from excitement- it was finally here.

I hope it was what he was wanting. We had cow-spotted balloons. We had fried chicken, corn-on-the-cob, potato salad, baked beans and biscuits. We had fruit pizza (my kids don't like cake). We had a ride in a real, "big huge" tractor. We had some spot-on completely inspired gifts.

I think it was a success.

Notice Audrey all bundled up, looking a little unhappy, and coughing in that last pic? That's quite a side story... Audrey woke up in the middle of the night (the night before the tractor party) with a fever so high our expensive exactly-what-the-pediatrician-uses digital thermometer would only say "Error/Hi." With an every-two-hour regimen of alternating doses of acetaminophen and ibuprofen we got her fever down to 105.3* and in the morning rushed her off to the doc (thankfully our pediatrician has Saturday office hours, awesome).

*Side note: Audrey has always run extremely high fevers, which we figured out when she got strep for the first time and along with it a 107.3 fever. No kidding. 

We exhausted all their tests, ended up at the hospital for chest X-rays, and finally found out (mid-party) that she has walking pneumonia. She's on amoxicillin now and tucked in to bed. Hopefully that'll be the end of the pits and we'll be on the upswing soon.

Poor girl.

So that was our Tractor Party Day. We've left all the packaging, wrappings, crumbs, sticky places, and clutter exactly where they fell. We soaked up all the family and friend goodness while they were here, soaked up the quiet and togetherness of the four of us when things settled back down, and we are now resting.

Tomorrow we'll clean, tomorrow we'll find places for all the new treasures. Tonight we need the stillness- for kiddos to recover and for Mama to wrap her head around it all.

Henry is Three.

Time flies, folks. It really does.


  1. happy birthday to you little man!

  2. Sorry the kiddos are sick but I'm sure it was a great party! Happy Birthday Hen!