Monday, April 14, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...a sneaky trip down to Mimmy and Pappy's house, a quick setup, and a surprise.
...happy kiddos, quality time with ones they love so well, and a few cold ones.
...a meal prep with my helpers, me watching them focus, focus, focus, because it's a special dinner.

...the peeps' move from bathtub to hen house... finally!
...the reinstatement of a functioning guest bathroom, scrubbed from top to bottom and now chicken-free.
...the reigning in of the out-of-control garage (we might be able to park cars in there soon).

...the first radishes out of the garden- eaten standing in the garden.
...long naps by still-not-feeling-quite-100% coughing, sniffling kiddos.
...the first shorts of the season, the air conditioner on, and eventually a very wet and rainy afternoon.

Right now I'm anxiously watching out the windows for the first rays of light (or at least the glow of the morning sun, if the clouds are still present) so I can sneak out to the coop for a peek at the chickies. There was a cold front last night and we're kicking off the start to this week in the low 40s. Their heat lamp is on, but they've never been exposed to temps this low before, so I find myself feeling like a fretting mother hen (ha).

Our weekend was quiet and peaceful (if you ignore the part about the kids still not feeling all the way better), and we were able to get some things done and spend time together- in my book, the best way to do a weekend.

Hoping the same for all.

Happy Monday!

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