Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Walk Through the Garden, April 14th

My walk through the garden last night was a little less than a casual one. This ridiculous "spring" weather! The last time I checked on things, almost all the seedlings were still safely tucked under their warm soil blankets... and the days were getting up near 80 (and sometimes beyond). Now that there is something precious sprouting in almost every spot of open space, of course, we get a freeze warning.

They say we won't be out of the freeze until 10am, so I have yet to pull up the covers and see if my efforts were successful. I'm really the most concerned about my tomatoes. I hope the 2 layers of sheets I draped around their trellises did the trick. Some of them even had flowers. Ugh.

I can't help but hope that despite the inconvenience of this cold snap it might be indicative of a cooler, milder summer on the way (though I know there's just as much of a chance that the extremity of this spring might be telling us it's going to be a scorcher).

On the upside, didn't I have the best help? Sister stayed with me the entire time I was tucking things in, actually helping. She gathered rocks to keep the sheets down, she carried towels and pillowcases, she held clothes pins. What a trooper.

So now we wait... and hopefully have green and growing things left to see on our next walk through our garden!

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