Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Right Now, Belated

Right now, I'm...

...feeling tired. That kind of tired that only parents know... the down-to-the-bone weary that comes from lack of sleep, worry, and juggling all the moving parts that go along with having sick kiddos.
...hoping the meds, the naps, the teas, the fresh air, and the sunshine will keep working their magic on this house and get us back in our rhythm!
...realizing that in the dim light of dawn this house doesn't look so dirty! Nice.
...wondering if we'll get the chance to get out to the grocery store today, or if we'll be diving back into the freezer for dinner and going rogue for tp............ it's getting dire over here folks.
...planning the movement of the way-too-big-for-the-bathtub chicks out to the coop, and soon. Only a few more touches will make the hen house ready, and oh, am I ready to get them out of my house.
...loving the gentle rain we've had for the past few evenings and the beautiful green that's popping up in the garden! The house may be a mess, but when we're out walking between the sprouting beds in our garden, who really cares?

At the risk of 'jinxing' us all, let me just say the kids seem to be on the mend, the day seems to be promising beautiful weather, and I for one am ready to take full advantage of the upswing. We may be tired, but it feels so energizing to look out the windows at the bright warm sunshine.

Let's do this.

Happy... Tuesday!

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