Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Link Love

Just wanted to pop in here for a quick hello amid the hustle and bustle that is the Yule Tide!

Feeling the spirit yet? Saturated with cheer? Swamped? Overextended, overwhelmed, overworked?

Don't bah-humbug just yet... at least not until you check out these fab holiday links that may actually help you pull it together and pull it all off! The're much-loved around here, anyway!

Last-minute gift ideas:
Free downloadable stories for kids- download a few stories, burn onto a CD, voila!
Blank books, puzzles, etc. for the crafty gifter or receiver
DIY monogram mugs tutorial + dollar store mugs = awesome
General homemade gift ideas if you're not inspired yet
Don't forget this post, too (forgive any redundant links, I'm tellin' ya, I really love some of these)!

Loving this free printable banner and this homemade garland- take a sec to make one with the kiddos and catch your breath! Also, who can't use more free fonts? Try these to bring some cheer to your Christmas letter!

Wrapping yet? Try these links for a little inspiration:
Free, printable, simple holiday tags
Interesting wrapping inspiration

And, of course, for the Type A's out there (or the Type A wannabes), my all-time favorite organizational holiday resource.

And by the way- have you stopped by Geninne's place to get your December wallpaper? 'Cause you should. Merry Christmas prepping. Post edit: it seems like Geninne hasn't put up a free December wallpaper, though she usually has one available right away... I stop by and check every once-in-a-while, but alas, I have led you astray on this one! So maybe no free December wallpaper. Awww.
Post edit edit: Geninne has a free December wallpaper up now, go check it out! Yay!

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