Monday, December 31, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...readying a shopping list and planning a trip to the grocery store, as our last trip really did last us two weeks, but surely won't stretch three!
...slowly, methodically taking down, organizing, purging, and packing away our Christmas decorations. We never put them all up, and this time around, I'm not wasting storage space on the unused decor items again. To the thrift store with them! Simpler really is better.
...still enjoying our lit Christmas tree, even though it was deader than Elvis before the Christmas weekend. The ornaments are all down, but the lights are still there, and the illuminated ghost of our evergreen against the darkness is still beautiful to me. Maybe it'll make it's way out tomorrow...
...realizing how just how much of our most recent days have been spent in pajamas... especially by the looks of these photos!
...appreciating a 'new' highchair for Henny, this one wooden, smaller, and so much easier to clean, thanks to my parents.
...still chuckling (when the kids aren't looking) at our mischievous boy and his raid of the fruit bowl here by my computer... there are still sticky spots where pear juice spilled while he was eating all four of them.
...loving the simplicity of a new book (or an old favorite, or both), a lit tree, a warm fire, and the gray of early winter.

This Monday marks the close of the Old Year- I can't believe it. Today I hope to find a few moments here and there to spend in respect, appreciation, and celebration of all that we've learned and gained from this completing cycle. Another year approaches, and with it, so much possibility... may we start the week and the New Year with mindfulness of the past, present, and future, and may we all have a safe and bright New Year's Eve!

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