Monday, December 17, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...still feeling tenderhearted from the news that's continuing to make headlines from Friday's terrible loss.
...feeling a touch tired of Christmas music, and listening to a little Beth Orton this morning.
...enjoying some cinnamon brewed with my coffee.
...fretting over a 'croupey' cough that kept Audrey up off-and-on until past midnight last night, and has actually been around since Friday evening. Perhaps there's a doctor appointment in our future... soon.
...planning a grocery shopping trip that will hopefully keep us supplied until the end of the month (I sure don't want to get out again after today if I can help it!).
...making a list for all the baking I want to get done this week, and then editing it down to a more realistic to-do list... then editing it again.
...shaking my head at how fast things change after a little trip down memory lane.
...looking forward to the kickoff of our holiday marathon with a quiet, (hopefully) peaceful Solstice celebration with just the four of us... and a really good dinner.
...loving the enthusiasm for a little week-before-Christmas holiday making with my babies, and the great photos their Daddy managed to take mid-final touches.

In order to further edit the to-do list for the week and remain calm and present with my family, I will be wishing all a merry and bright Last Week, and will be back in this space again for 'This Moment' on Friday. 

Happy Monday!

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