Saturday, December 15, 2012


There is probably not a single person with a soul that did not go to bed Friday night without a heart heavy for the families of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. Sorrow was surly my companion throughout  my dreams Friday night, ever present, abstract and looming... sorrow for a broken world, the loss of innocence, and the abrupt change in direction for the futures of so many.

It is, however, a sweet sorrow not easily shaken, respectful in it's purity and sincerity. A sorrow that will linger for a long time, inspiring thoughts and prayers throughout the day for the mourning parents of those lost. A sorrow that at the same time pulls from deep within an overwhelming thankfulness for what is present and good, continuous and constant.

As time wears on and on, sometimes intimately connected to us and at other times so harshly oblivious, may healing and peace find their way to those touched by this tragedy.

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