Friday, November 10, 2017

They're Baaaaaaaaaack...

Well, not quite a year after we scared away that big ol' roaming family of feral hogs, they're back. The hubs was noticing that telltale rogue rototiller look to our woods again, and the mud around the pond was trying to tell us the same thing- that not just a couple, not just the little ones, but the whole friggin' gang is back again (in addition to quite a few raccoons, too, apparently). And in case we had any doubt, upon pulling in the driveway after dark the other night, my car's headlights startled two huge hogs rooting around in the front yard, and I got a close-up doubt-free confirmation that we're on their nightly rotation again.

I'm sure part of their return can be blamed on the fact that this fall we've had a crazy-ton of acorns (which is a whole lot more than a regular ton). It must have been a good year for our post oaks, but that's not very good news for us.

I've reached back out to the trapper that helped us the first time, and I'm crossing my fingers that he feels up for another round with these unwanted visitors. These things are an invasive ecological nightmare, they reproduce like rabbits, and they have no qualms about tearing up whatever catches their fancy or gets in their way.

Here's hoping we can find some help (soon!) to remind them that they're not welcome here!

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