Saturday, November 18, 2017


Has anyone else noticed how much the leaf fall has increased in the past week? Around here anyway it almost seems as if the trees are in a race with each other, and the leaves are just raining down constantly. It's pure fall magic.

This change in the landscape hasn't escaped my Littles. We took an afternoon walk in our woods today, and as we walked they went on and on about how sad it was that they could only enjoy the leaves while they were outside (don't be too jealous of this picturesque scene, this observation was accompanied by just as many complaints about how cold they were getting). A project started to form in my mind- What if we figured out a way to bring some of the leaves inside?

Step one: gather supple, brightly-colored leaves.

Step two: think up things we're thankful for and write them on the best and brightest of them.

Step three: tie leaves onto branches with embroidery floss and whisper prayers to the fall foliage gods that no one will poke their eyes out on your new gratitude-oriented centerpiece.

When we decided our sticks were perfectly adorned (it happened right about the time thoughts of gratitude turned toward toilets, burps, etc), we noticed Daddy was working on a project of his own, much to the kids' delight... we had to rush right back outside!

The last swipe of the rake was completed as the sun went down, and the kiddos were finally given the countdown to leap into their best and biggest pile of leaves to date!

I'm sure the bathtub will be full of little crunched up pieces of leaves and twigs and such, but I'm also sure that won't be what they'll remember about today. No one loves "leaf season" like these two!

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