Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Mysterious Visitor

October went out with bluster and chill, and November has arrived with late-summertime temps and humidity. 90 degrees by tomorrow? Ugh.

But with these warmer temps came a little visiting water bird (we're not sure exactly what it is), bringing a little mystique with it's migratory pause. Our short-lived freeze has started turning everything the browns, tans, and muted tones we'd expect to see in mid-Fall, and even though it feels like early September (and will for the next week at least), there's still some autumnal magic to be found out there after all!

With this November magic comes a craving to find a way to express a little gratitude for all that special everyday stuff (for me, anyway), and so in keeping with tradition I'll be playing along with Positively Present's Gratitude Challenge again this year. It's the perfect little daily ritual for this month of thanksgiving.

One photo every day (hopefully), posted over on my Instagram account. If you're playing along, too, feel free to link up and join me in welcoming November!

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