Friday, November 17, 2017


My nutcracker finally came in (a week later than promised, ugh), and today after school- to celebrate the beginning of Thanksgiving break- we tried it out on those pecans we collected the other day...

Grammy and Gramps loaned us a spare for backup, which came in handy when waiting one's turn became intolerable

We figured out Audrey is an expert nut meat picker, and she actually got one out whole- like, not two intact halves, but an entire pecan without the shell whole. She was amazing. Henry was good, too, but he ate everything he shelled, so yeah. 

Despite all the "taste testing" and explosive shelling, we still managed to get almost a pound shelled before we had to call it quits to start making dinner (not that anyone was very hungry at that point). 

I'm super excited about how well this new nutcracker has worked, how easy it was for both kiddos to use, and what we're going to make out of all our freshly shelled pecans!

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