Thursday, November 9, 2017

Driving for Milk

It's been a few years since we converted to raw milk, and we're still just as committed now as we were then. I've had a few people ask how it's been going since our initial plunge- if we're still going to the trouble of finding and buying raw milk, if the cost is worth it, if it's made us sick "yet."

So here's the story: we've had no illness from drinking/using raw milk, the cost (for us anyway, including gas to and from the dairy) is about the same as buying 1/2 gallons of organic grass-fed milk at the store, and honestly I haven't experienced regrets of any kind... well, except that sometimes it gets to be a drag that the nearest raw dairy is 45 minutes away. But so far, that's it... and honestly, even though it takes a little mental pep-talk to get me out the door when we're due for a few gallons, the drive really isn't that bad...

...and the reward is still totally worth it.

Interested in finding raw dairy resources in your area? Try looking here:

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