Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Little Campers :: First Aid Lesson

Today for Little Campers we decided to commemorate the holiday that results so frequently in stupid accidents with a lesson in first aid. We covered the definition of an emergency (because kids, ugh), basic good practices and preventative care, minor burns, minor cuts, and venomous stings/bites, including snake bites (I insisted on that one). Then we gave everyone "scratches" and "stings" with a washable red marker, and the kids got to practice doctoring each other up for all the different scenarios.

We concluded with a discussion about how to be safe around fireworks, and awarded first aid pins (which were just painted wooden circles with fasteners glued to the back).

Aside from the common sense stuff, we found a lot of helpful first aid tips at redcross.org.

Up next: Wild Plants/Foraging Activity!

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