Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Ink

Last year, I took my Mama to Vegas to fulfill a promise I made 9 years prior: to take her to see Le Reve. It was a great trip, and we were not disappointed. This year she has retired, and as we were chatting about the first summer of her retirement she asked where we were going- or what we were going to do- for our summer 'thing' this time around.

Welllll, I thought Vegas would be hard to top... so I cheekily suggested we go get tattoos... and she said OK. 

For about 6 months we researched art and designs for our tattoos, shops and artists, costs and risks... then I found a really cool local shop filled with real artists, so in April I put down deposits for our sessions, and just like that we were committed.

Yesterday was our day.

I'm proud to say that neither of us chickened out, and 24 hours later neither of us have regrets.

Mom went first:

She made it look so easy. No flinching, not even a twitch for the whole two hours it took to finish her 'Moon Snail.' So I felt pretty good going in to mine...

My turn:

Mine took right at an hour, and most of it wasn't bad... except for the very top where it was over my ribs a little. That part I was glad to have over let's say.

We both came away loving what our artist did, and will go back at the end of August for a final touch-up after everything heals (colors fade during the healing process, and I want a little more light showing through the top petal edges).

It's easy to see why people say tattoos are addictive... I'd definitely think about a second one if a meaningful reason came up... just not any time soon.

Not sure what we'll do next summer, but for this year's 'thing,' we're lovin' our new ink!

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