Thursday, July 20, 2017

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...looking around at the remnants of play (tumbling pillow forts, piles of Legos, tucked-in babies, books and magazines with various forms of page markers, lots and lots of paper crafts...) with a mixture of twitchy desire to clean up and mushy sentimentality because the summer is starting to draw to a close. It won't be long before my kiddos are back at school during the day and the house will sit for hours undisturbed...
...feeling relieved that today is the last day of swim lessons! My Littles are little fishes... but having to prep, load, drive, and wait through swim lessons every morning has really felt like a handicap in my ability to get things done! We haven't done a proper grocery store run in almost two weeks, y'all.
...eyeballing two five gallon buckets of Asian pears from my mom's that have all hit that perfect state of ripeness all at once. They need to be put up ASAP, but I'm proving to be quite a clumsy pear canner- yesterday I put up seven quarts without adding the acid necessary to keep them safe while sitting at room temperature. So today I'll have to open them all up, add the acid, and re-process them before I can start on the next batch. Plus, I'm the slowest pear peeler ever, so yeah. (I'm using this basic recipe right now)
...roasting all the tomatoes left out in the garden with heads of garlic and packing them in olive oil, because they're coming in pretty beat up due to the heat and bugs working against everything out there, and roasting hides a lot of ugly!
...loving the look of the freshly cut and baled hay field out all the front windows! That grass was waist-high and crazy thick, and our hay guy got 17 bales this time around!

Right now we're caught between the ramping down of summer activities and the ramping up of back-to-school prep, and somewhere in this in-between I'm trying to find that lazy summer vibe we've blown right past thus far.

Is it Thursday already?

Wishing all a little of that lazy summer vibe... happy Thursday!

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