Sunday, July 9, 2017

Four Years

 Today is our four-year "housiversary." It's been four years since we closed on this place and started the ball rolling to make it our own (take a peek at the last look we took before we left our old house and a little glimpse of the move-in chaos those first few days at our new one).

However today marks the first anniversary in this house that felt peaceful and celebratory. We had such a struggle those first few years working against so much (property boundary issues, well issues, septic issues, neighbor issues, legal issues, renovation issues, mold issues, and the stress of watching the (now ours) front field go up for sale)... what a joy to actually celebrate this fourth year!

A couple flat iron steaks on the grill, some strawberry popcicles in sparkling wine (or ginger ale), and the opportunity to watch a distant thunder storm roll in from the back porch... what a relief it is to be able to focus on just living here now.

Four years down, the rest of our lives to go. Happy housiversary to us!

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