Monday, July 15, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm..., unpacking, cleaning, degreasing, cleaning, and living out of suitcases and boxes. And cleaning.
...biting my tongue to keep from cursing the people who occupied this house up until the week before we moved in... seriously, how can anyone live in the conditions we found this house in? 1/2" of grease on everything in the kitchen... and I wish I were exaggerating!
...getting tired of eating takeout! My (awesomely amazing beast of a) gas range isn't quite up to working order yet, but I can take no more! Tonight: dinner in the slow cooker!
...still waiting on carpet. They promised they'd be on their way to install between 1-3pm today. We'll see.
...smiling at the adaptability (or is it just exhaustion?) that's enabled both kiddos to sleep side-by-side in the family room while strange noises, scrubbing, packing, and the like happen all around them.
...loving seeing our woods out almost every window as I look up between chores and boxes.

It has been hard to find a moment here or there to sit and share all that's been going on over the past week, but I hope to make more of an effort to get a few more of these early days in our new home recorded in this space. Until then, may we all look with new appreciation upon clean places to sit, fully operational kitchen equipment, and bedrooms!

Happy Monday!

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